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  • 4857 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL 60639
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Diversey Willys

Since its inception, Diversey Truck Center has evolved to offer the very best in auto repair services. As industry products & technology have changed over time, so has our process. In 1947, it began as a local garage by the name of Diversey Willys; a decade & a half later, the Willys name was discontinued as the company expanded in a merger with American Motors Corp. We divested the former & Diversey Ignition, Inc.was born.

A Time For Growth

The second generation of the family sought to repair electrical systems due to their increasing complexity with technology advancing. Our focus continued with high skill vehicle electrical work through the next several decades while continuing to be the neighborhood garage. A shift took place when the State of Illinois instituted a Truck Inspection Testing requirement, so the third generation saw an opportunity to expand into light, medium & heavy duty truck repairs by becoming one of the first safety inspection testing centers in Chicago. Throughout this expansion we never moved away from remaining a neighborhood garage that worked on cars.

Continuing The Legacy

Now in the fourth generation of ownership, Diversey Ignition, Inc. was changed to Diversey Truck Center. Specializing in light & medium duty truck, bus & commercial vehicle fleet management. Diversey Truck Center’s customers come for all types of fleet needs, from: procurement of vehicles, routine maintenance, to complex repairs, or even disposition of vehicles in the fleet. Our customers include hospitals, schools, community centers, food service providers, religious organizations, construction companies, large corporations and logistics providers. The one thing that all these very different organizations agree upon is that Diversey Truck Center’s level of service is what sets us apart from the competition.